Images of hands symbolizing voters. This image is taken from the cover of the COMSOC hanbook, the reference book for the community.


Owing to its interdisciplinary nature, research in computational social choice gets published at a very wide variety of venues. This includes, in particular, conference proceedings and journals in AI (such as AAMAS, IJCAI, AAAI, AIJ, JAIR), conference proceedings and journals at the interface of computer science with economics (such as EC, WINE, SAGT, ADT, TEAC), and journals in economics (such as SCW, JET), but occasionally also journals in applied mathematics, logic, political science, and philosophy.

Below we gather information on relevant books, which might offer a particularly convenient entry point into the field, as well as an overview of special issues on topics in computational social choice published in a number of different journals.


The following books offer comprehensive overviews of either COMSOC as a whole or some major research topics within COMSOC. Have a look!

Overview Books

Cover of the book Einf├╝hrung in Computational Social Choice Cover of the Handbook of Computational Social Choice Cover of the book Economics and Computation Cover of the book Trends in Computational Social Choice Cover of the book The Future of Economic Design

Books on Specific Topics

Cover of the book A Short Introduction to Preferences Cover of the book Judgement Aggregation: A Primer Cover of the book Strategic Voting Cover of the book Multi-Winner Voting with Approval Preferences

Journal Special Issues