Images of hands symbolizing voters. This image is taken from the cover of the COMSOC hanbook, the reference book for the community.

About this Website

The original COMSOC community site was set up by Ulle Endriss in 2007 and hosted at the University of Amsterdam until 2024 (see archived version).

The site was redesigned from scratch by Simon Rey in 2024, with the goal of making it easier for everyone in the community to contribute content.

Modify me on GitHub

This website has been designed so as to be easy to modify and maintain. It is all happening on the GitHub repository. Everyone in the community is welcome to contribute.


We also use this website to archive old websites of the community (some of them being mirrors of sites that are still live).


The site is currently being maintained by Simon Rey and Ulle Endriss. You can find our contact details by following the links.