Computational Social Choice at FET'11

FET'11, a general science conference organised under the auspices of the Future and Emerging Technologies office of the European Commission on 4-6 May 2011 in Budapest, included a 90 minute session on computational social choice. Below you can find the slides of the contributions presented on the day. The conference was preceded by an informal workshop on computational social choice at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Session Abstract

How should we aggregate the preferences of a group of individuals so as to arrive at an adequate collective preference, which can serve as the basis for making acceptable group decisions? This session will provide an introduction to the field of Computational Social Choice and demonstrate how it can contribute to addressing some of the major challenges associated with realising the next generation of decision making technologies in areas such as e-governance, electronic commerce, the semantic web, school choice, or transplant organ allocation systems.

Session Contributions

Related Paper

U. Endriss. Computational Social Choice: Prospects and Challenges. Procedia Computer Science, 7:68-72, 2011. Proceedings of the 2nd European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET'11).